The Sophisticated Way To Manage The Claims

Medical billing is the process to submit and follow the claims with the payors. This process finds its usage in many payors, whether private or government sponsored. It is a respite from the traditional medical billing system that require you to upload claims manually to single or multiple sections, which take time and strength.Medical billing software gives all the requisite tools to manage your claim process in one place. It includes the following features.

Claim scrubber

  • Improves accuracy and checks all claims against a database of more than 10 million common claims.
  • Automatically scrubs claims and make edits before filing.

Batch payment

  • The software maintains record of payments from multiple claims.
  • Transforms claims to secondary plans or patient responsibilities in seconds.

Electronic remittance advice

  • The tool reduces paper work and stores account information.
  • Saves time.
  • Helps in posting government and commercial payments instantly to patient accounts.
  • Sends and receives information in one place, and sets you free from manual payment matching and tracking.
  • Automatically matches medicals visits with charges. Correctly paid claims posted in one click. It improves accuracy.

Reporting and analysis

  • Helps you track reimbursements and outstanding payments with numerous standard and customizable reports.

Patient statements and collections

  • Minimizes over dues with easy to understand statements.
  • Lets you print letters to patients automatically with delinquent balance.

Additional Facilities

In addition, medical billing software makes work easy as it provides the facilities to upload the claim at one place. Following features also defines some points that make it more useful.

  • Automatically generates work lists that allow you to quickly identify and fix claim errors.
  • This system automatically tracks the status of the claims against custom rule, time, exclusion and many more.
  • Centralized billing feature allow you to manage claims processing for your clients. It is very useful to billing professionals.

Many claim centers allows for a quick final review of charges that have captured. Medical billing software set user preference that allows charges to diverse review. Some users enter charges better than others. It allows you to scrub medical claims for potential errors automatically and helps to make quick batch process claims directly through our clearinghouse.

The system takes care of sending and receiving information between you and your payors. It enables you to place an account on hold from receiving notifications and customize how many statements a patient receives before receiving a collection letter. The software automates the patients billing process.

Patient statements

  • Lets you review key information of account type and amount of the last responsible party‚Äôs payment.

Write off overdue accounts

  • Configures the billing rules to write a portion or complete account balances. Simply check box to have a collection agency file created during the billing run.

Generate payment plan statements

  • Helps you create default payment plan groups, and review statements before processing.
  • Generates payment plan statement separately from regular statements.

Process credit cards

  • Choose to charge responsible parties for the outstanding patient balance up to the maximum available amount.
  • View patient balances and select which card to charge.

Summary: – Medical billing software manages your entire claim process in one place. Robust and automates manual processes and improve workflow. This software makes easily identify claim issues before submission. It results to get a first pass claim acceptance rate of 95.8% or better.