Get Steps To Turn Off Windows Keylogger

Windows 10 contains helpful Keylogger whose functionality is to keep a watch over your single move. Microsoft makes use of the keylogger to accumulate complete information on User’s data in various ways without letting User know anything about it.

Privacy Policy helps Users agree to each and every terminology of the company helping them learn that the company has in notice single keystrokes they click to. It clearly indicates that; Microsoft has complete information to what you type and the existing file information.

In case you have been thinking to disabling the Windows 10 Keylogger so that it does not track your keystrokes and sent all these details to Microsoft you can do so following simple steps.

Steps to Disable Windows 10 keylogger


First of all go to Start Menu and then click on the settings menu


User needs to click on Privacy policy mentioned by the company


From beneath the General section, tweak all the different privacy settings and learn it proper


You can Turn off the message ‘Send Microsoft into about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future


You need to go to the section wherein ‘speech, inking and typing section to switch off the stop getting to know me feature’ is mentioned


You could also turn off different privacy norms that is interfering with the features and for it you need to go to Microphone or Camera to turn it off for your device or for specific apps

If you encounter any additional issue following the above troubleshooting steps, take immediate help of support for Microsoft technician’s assistance. Expert technicians will help you resolve any and every issue perfectly on your system at any time.

Importance of Keylogger

The keylogger is not planted in the Windows 10 to steal your important financial information and or personal information such as card number, website credentials or others. This feature actually helps to determine what is working and what is not working with Windows 10 preview. Its biggest advantage is, it fixes bugs in Windows Search or other places when text input box pops up.

This feature also helps optimize features such as spell checking and auto correct. Microsoft with this feature can practically eye on your every typed characters and use them whenever you are going wrong with auto-complete and spell check feature.

Windows 10 is a testing OS as already declared by the company and therefore the company has adopted this methodology to improvise the working of the very new OS.

Steps That Can Take To Prevent Data Theft

There have been several incidents in the past that have made it clear that cyber criminal and hackers are becoming increasingly successful against large retailers and internet giants. These criminals have not only targeted retailers but also some of the highly renownwd corporations have also become their victims owing to the breaches in their internet security setups.

In a very famous case hackers successfully installed a program that copied information from the clients’ credit cards of a large company. This information was copied when the cards were swapped at these companies’ payment points. Millions of people were affected. This unfortunate incident prompted the company to spend close to 90 million dollars for enhancing its internet security so that such breaches could be plugged in the future. The company was also forced to pay millions of dollars more to lawyers and in terms of legal fees. Its reputation was also tarnished. However, one good thing emerged from this unfortunate incident: the problem of internet security was highlighted and other companies began taking it more seriously.

Every day, news about security breaches adorn the headlines of major newspapers around the world. There are, however, a few steps that one can take in order to prevent oneself from becoming a victim of these unscrupulous hackers and cyber criminals. Whether you are an individual or an employee of a company, it is imperative for you to take internet security very seriously. Below, you will find a few steps that you can take in this regard and make your internet communication more secure.

Identifying Sensitive Data

The first step in the direction of internet security is to identify the most sensitive data on your device. This step should be taken even before you begin to analyze your security setup. This sensitive data could pertain to either you or your client like his / her personal information, finances and accounts details. Your goal is to classify all your existing data into the data that needs maximum protection and the data that needs least protection.

Access Control

When you have successfully identified all the sensitive data, you must make sure that it is only accessed by yourself and all those persons only who are authorized for this purpose. Monitoring this data is also a good idea so that unauthorized access can be prevented. You also need to take back up of this data so that you have a copy of it in case there is a loss of theft of your storage.

Universal Involvement

Internet security is a broad undertaking and thus, cannot be limited to the IT staff only. All the employee within the organization must be involved in the process. Moreover, proper training must be given to everyone so that they know how to identify and protect sensitive data of the organization.

Data Encryption

All the data must be encrypted whether it is on the hard disk, tablet, smartphone or email. Encryption can protect it from being stolen but it can remain locked even if there is a breach. It will be useless for the thief.

Third Parties

You must always remain skeptical of the third parties. If you have installed a fool-proof internet security setup, it will be useless if the data can be stolen from a third party that was entrusted with it. This makes it imperative for you to make sure that the third party that you are dealing with has taken relevant steps for the protection of your data.

Protecting your Data

There are many different methods for data protection. First of all, you must choose a password that is secure enough. Moreover, you should not share it with anyone. Your email accounts and social network must also be properly secured.

Whenever you receive e-mails, make sure that you have double checked and verified that the sender of the mail is authentic.

Importance of VPN

A virtual private network or VPN is the most of securing your internet traffic. A VPN is established when point to point connection is created with the help of a dedicated connection. The process is also known as virtual tunneling.

Tech Support Services To Get Rid Of All Gmail

Tech support service providing companies offer an effective solution if any of your computer hardware or software is giving you a tough time. They offer quick and easy solutions, along with maintaining your account privacy and security, and available 24/7.

Google’s Gmail is the largest email service provider in the world and having more than 900 million users around the globe. It’s Google’s very useful feature which is equipped with various useful features and its modern interface like icing on the cake. It’s a very fast email client, which gives enough space to the home and business users save your data. But like other technical applications and tools, Gmail users may experience some issues while using it or there may be other reasons which may cause issues with your Gmail account.

It’s an excellent email client, which renders its facilities for the user of any platform. So in the hours of need, you need reliable support service providing company which can sort out your issue while maintaining your privacy and security. Rest assured, there are many big players in the market who provide online and onsite quality services. They are available round the clock to help you if your Gmail is not getting open due to any technical error. They may provide you solutions for the following email problems:

• Email account configuration

• Password recovery

• Spam and junk email

• Security issues

• Send/Receive email issues

• Email account recovery

Third party tech support providing company not only resolve your issue related to a particular software, but they can take care of any issues related to your system be it hardware or software. Before resolving your problems, their experts make a vigor investigation about the issue. Their technicians listen you carefully and offer a wide range of services including Gmail related issues.

When you connect to the service provider, you get the instant response from their correspondent. You will be guided throughout the troubleshooting process and if you are not be able to perform that, a technician will share your computer screen and perform all the necessary steps for you after taking your permission.

They can provide help for creating a new Gmail account, recovering or changing its password and teach you how to configuring Gmail, etc. There are lots of benefits of hiring a support service providing representative like you get an immediate response on all of your queries. You get services at the comfort of your home, affordable services with flexible modes of payment. So if you want dedicated help from the experts, calling third-party service offering company is not a bad option for you to get help for Gmail problems. They are the best and possibly the quickest solutions.